If you have a property in Europe and wish to receive radio and television stations of the highest quality in your own language, then reading this paper will be of interest. May I offer you the opportunity to watch and listen to your favorite programmes by satellite?

Here are some of the advantages:
  • Receive programmes in your own language wherever you are in Europe.
  • Receive all your favorite programmes and many interesting foreign stations you have never seen before.
  • Electronic Program Guide. (EPG)
  • The sound and vision received is the highest available digital quality.
  • Satellite quality is comparable with DVD-quality.
  • This is the only way to extract the full potential from televisions with LCD or Plasma-screens.
  • The signal can be received at any place in Europe.

For consideration: Not all the channels are free to air (FTA). For some commercial channels payment is required e.g. Discovery or Animal Planet or the Spanish Taquilla broadcasters. This means you have to pay for a card. Ask you local provider (e.g. Canal Digital) for particulars.

Installation: The construction and installation of the equipment must be carried out with precision. I will supply you with a full working satellite system connected to your own TV and/or Radio-set. I can install the complete system for only approx. € 450,-- this is not only installation but all the materials including the dish, cable and receiver.

There are however some restrictions:
  • The distance between dish and receiver must not exeed 90 metres.
  • The height of the dish must not exceed 3 metres.
  • A rotationg dish is € 70,-- extra, This makes it possible for you to receive signals from several satellites.
  • There must be an open and unrestricted view to the south from your property.
  • Your order can be accepted after a site survey.
  • Your property must be accessible by car.