As a company or an individual client you can count on 'Kop & Schotels' for a high quality fully operational satelliteconfiguration.

With a full installation you can count on:

  • A precise pointing of your satellite equipment (distance between dish and receiver is about 30 meter with a maximum of about 70 meter)
  • Installation of your receiver ontvanger
  • An introduction to the reception of satellite signals
  • Linking to interesting sites to optimize the benefits of your satelliteconfiguration
  • Small installation materials

Convince yourself of the next conditions::

  • Satellitesignal at your location have to be possible. In fact this means that there is a 'free sight' to the south from the dish-location.
  • For attaching a dish on the wall or on a roof a safe place have to be available and reachable. 

If your site do not meet the above mentioned conditions, please ask us for a sitesurvey or advice. Maybe an alternative is available.

Besides a installation we also can offer you in making choices for the right materials or products. Only a phonecall can safe you unwanted products and (unsave) circumstances.

Internet by satellite 

For our customers to far away from any ADSL-facilities we can offer you an Internet-connection by making use of a dish.

Speed and costs are competitive with the 'standard' ADSL options and providers. 


Please do ask for installing your local network. Do think on options to make use of a central network storage (NAS) for making your video & audio files available everywhere where you can make use of your own network.